Natural and draining

Granuresina is a natural, eco-friendly, permeable pavement that enhances the surrounding area.  The vast choice of natural stones or colored quartz and the use of bio binders allows its use even in the presence of environmental constraints.


Limited thickness

With a 10 mm thickness it adapts to any existing base, such as tiles or interlocking blocks. The beauty of your driveway, parking lot or poolside will be enhanced by the beauty of marble and the natural stones you choose.



Thanks to its high permeability, the surface is always free from water stagnation and, thus, the formation of dangerous ice sheets will be avoided in winter.



Granuresina also enhances the main avenues of houses, residences and hotels. It is also possible to lay parking areas, where the delimitation strip of the parking stalls can be made by contrasting colourful inserts.


Granuresina is perfect even for poolsides thanks to its resistance to salt and chlorine. The permeable and non-slip surface keeps the pavement dry and safe.


Heat island effect mitigation

The light coloring of the material, together with the high porosity of the mixture, constitute a lower source of thermal absorption compared to bituminous conglomerates, thus ensuring the maintenance of contained temperatures of the surfaces exposed to the sun. These characteristics of Granuresina allow a faster dissipation of temperature and a mitigation of the heat island effect.


Laying by hand

The Granuresina® paving is ecological and respects the environment as it occurs “cold”, therefore without the emission of fumes into the air, nor risks for operator safety, as well as with significant energy savings. Polistone® provides its expert installers who will directly deal with the drafting of Granuresina®.


Minimum maintenance

Granuresina® is able to maintain its physical-mechanical and aesthetic characteristics unchanged over time and therefore does not require any particular maintenance operations. For applications in areas subject to large quantities of debris or dust, the drainage capacity can be restored by cleaning with pressurized water.

Fields of application 
  • Pedestrian or vehicular roads
  • Public parks
  • Pedestrian and cycle-paths
  • Flat roofs of buildings
  • Vertical surfaces such as walls or stairs
  • City centres
  • Poolsides
  • Terraces
  • Interior surfaces of houses or commercial buildings


Our team of experts is available for information and follows the customer professionally. Polistone® provides expert installers who deal with professional realizations.

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